Enterprises hold a maximum of domestic consumer demand in mind operates a slaughterhouse, during the last two decades, several tons of meat given to the families of your desktop.

The private enterprise has become a daily capacity of market-leading slaughterhouses in addition to leading wholesalers in their shop- Hotel and restaurant supply needs.

The daily capacity of the livestock slaughterhouse cutting area:

  • beef 200 pieces/day
  • pig 600 pieces/day
  • Lamb 1000 pieces/day
  • sheep 1000 pieces/day
  • ostrich 100 pieces/day
  • horse 100 pieces/day

What is the, I have to know about the vágóhidunkról?

The daily capacity level, as well as high customer requirements in order to serve vágóhidunkat and continuously improved our fleet, our knowledge is expanding. As a result, our now 10.000 sqm is located in the area of our factory, which the slaughterhouse by specifying a location for the further economic buildings.

In addition to the highly modern infrastructure that we have high quality of our products, for which the EU is responsible for the quality assurance system requirements. The standards set up by ourselves and with excellent results in meat products, much of the diversity that each dining table.

A slaughterhouse the flexibility allows us, the domestic and international market needs, prepare and pack it into the desired quantity. A slaughterhouse crafted boning, cutting and packing Department gives the unique packaging of the goods, can offer their partners which handy way.

Good to know: Thanks to our continuous operation of the slaughterhouse even greater amounts of orders is fast response deadlines can be met.