Our commitment to quality

Our principles:

  • The moral and environmental values we are committed to.
  • Membership based of our reliability, approximate information on the openness feature.
  • Our staff is essential, as the main értékteremtőinknek satisfaction.
  • A deciding factor in developing our customers ' ongoing needs of our partners/, to meet the reasonable, satisfaction.
  • Everything we do in order, to our valued customers the most modern conditions, the best-quality goods, the best service, the best price.
  • Our reliable and transparent, a multitude of satisfied the best guarantee, the number of customers to megsokszorozzuk, and widely known place.
  • We intend to ensure mutual benefit and satisfaction is our goal.
  • Our operation efficiency, the thrift, taking into account of környezetvédelmek is characterised by far-reaching.


Operation of a dynamically developing company, by the producer and customer satisfaction makes recognised and successful at the border and beyond.

LAC-HÚS Kft. quality policy

The recognition, that previous low-capacity slaughterhouses the ever-tightening does not meet the requirements of hygiene and outdated technology on the market we are versenyképtelenekké, the implementation of a comprehensive development required.

I have the basic objective of development plans was to retain the quality of the product safety, the precise needs of service partners. Completed development of the art in 2004, the home we have created conditions of középkapacitású plant, the internal layout of the different beauty and technology in addition to cutting-edge design aesthetic is also seen in.

The modernization of technological processes significantly reduced the proportion of the labour machine servo vágóvonalakon the regeneration is now closed. The former activity has been expanded with the introduction of the húsbontás and packaging activity.

During the development, stressed the importance to establish the:

  • The training and professional, a State of the art machines and related changes.
  • Create new jobs with the introduction of the new activity, as well as increasing the production achieved.
  • Product safety and hygiene in order to increase the new operator, we offer our employees a modern social facilities for.
  • Good technology practices preserve the quality of our delivered live animals, the high-quality meat produced in order to obtain.


  • We have developed a modern and relaxing one at állatfogadó.
  • New coolers for cooling is to improve the speed and efficiency of food security, in order to preserve the quality and.
  • By reducing the manual handling, using state of the art equipment we have reduced the resulting purging waste water volume, This will help it to meet the environmental protection requirements.
  • Beyond the technical developments are very important both for the supplier, both the customer to extend the relations with our partners, correct implementation of cooperation.
  • Our urban and high-quality service and selection is built of the slaughterhouse nearby increased húsboltunkat.

For more about us:

  • to develop close cooperation with producers,
  • even closer to the consumer, the increasing marketing of packaged meats (pig, beef, sheep, calf),
  • job retention, and, if possible, expand.