The LAC-HÚS Kft., one of the dominant players in the region in the field of wholesale tőkehús. Áruellátási security offered by the slaughterhouse's background, It is necessary to carry out this task of technical and logistical background made the existence of the undertaking to, in the long term commercial relations were caught out by the representatives of the most important Hungarian food market.

Our partners within the butcher-nagykereskedésen:

  • METRO Holding Hungary Kft.
  • Spar Hungary Kft.
  • Szabolcs COOP Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Rt..
  • CBA- chain stores
  • ACE- Sausage Ltd..
  • ZIMBO-PERBAL Meat Ltd.
  • AUCHAN Hungary Kft.
  • Halmschalger Trade Ltd.

Assign a butcher áruink:

  • pig meat
  • Lamb meat
  • horse meat
  • ostrich meat

What you should know about the butcher's merchandise nagykereskedésről?

Our company has the 10.000 NM site 3.000 NM-an area of the butcher's merchandise wholesale service to effectively supply units has created. No isolation, economic storage tasks a 500 ton capacity cold storage supplies, a modern packaging unit was added. And the clients ' needs, we offer individual solutions for the safe and convenient packaging of meat products.

Good to know: our factory has the permission to export to the Russian Federation, export to Russia, To Japan, Hong Kong, and, of course, also to the EU.

Additional licenses: Halal and Kosher slaughter we have permission.

The transportation and carrying out quick and safe machinery 11 the refrigerated lorry and/or added to DB, which one of the matches in the domestic and EU requirements.

The butcher's merchandise wholesale in the course of the new structures is basically the openness, the flexibility and the search for mutually beneficial compromises is characterized by.

Whether your business is our partner and offer your customers a real Hungarian cuisine.