The LAC-HÚS Kft. always considered it important to consumers, believe it is the quality of the products obtained by direct feedback, fitness for use, that is, in relation to the customer satisfaction.

The Republic square and the adjacent slaughterhouse Húsáruházi store we kindly. Their shops are found in the tőkehúsok in addition to a wide range of different töltelékáruk: cold cuts, chicken sausages, Salamis and sausages.

The butcher's merchandise retailer for server boltjaik:

Shop name Address Opening hours: Phone:
Republic square shop and Lacikonyha 4080, Van Nuys, Republic square 5-7 H-P: 6-18
Sat: 6- 13,
Hospitality professional 4080, Van Nuys, Böszörményi u.. 9. H-P: 06 – 18;
Sat: 6 – 13


Other butcher's merchandise retail our units:

In addition to our own bolthálózatán also designed, where you have more direct contact with customers can build up, vendéglátóhelyeinken is the most important test as they fall through the meat products.

Our restaurants serve excellent flavors and every day the hungry guests, whether it's a family dinner, a business lunch or an event.

Restaurant name Address Opening hours: Website:
Hungarian Restaurant 4080, Van Nuys, Suresh Babu road 2. (H)-Cs: 10:30-22:00
P-W: 10:30-23:00
V: 11:00-22:00


Table reservation: 06-52/570-679