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The stringent regulations and high extra costs is unfortunately more keeper missed the possibility of developing their own slaughterhouse.

The operation of the slaughterhouse includes the following regulation:

75/2011. ((VII). 29.) VM regulation

The Lac-Hús Kft., as one of the leading húsfogyasztók in the domestic market of server bérvágás the possibility of, as an effective and economical solution. The basically the low- designed to serve the wholesale slaughterhouse capacity and opportunities on the basis of the specific agreement also bérvágásra. Our company mainly for small businesses and the slaughterhouse does not have batteries, the transitional difficulties of converters for cutting services.

We undertake the following animals bérvágását:

  • beef
  • pig
  • ostrich
  • Lamb
  • horse
  • sheep

6 ok, Why choose us:

  • For more than two decades of experience
  • modernly equipped abattoir
  • high safety standards
  • fast deadline
  • on-demand packaging
  • freight forwarding

What is the, I have to know about the bérvágásról?

For our customers we offer a flexible service bérvágás within the territory of, to serve the specific needs in addition to the effective costs can be planned. A bérvágás In addition we have boning, cutting and packing. The latter service we strongly recommend that our clients, who meat processed aesthetically, functional, I would like to sell to customers safely and.

The details and terms of bérvágás contact vágóhidunk operator.