The Russian Lachús Ltd. Managing Director of the company. Pig, beef, sheep, Lamb, ostrich cut, We boned or cutting and packaging.

The plant's current capacity:

  • in the case of beef cuts 200 pieces/day
  • in the case of pig slaughter 600 pieces/day
  • in the case of slaughter sheep 1000 pieces/day

Export destination:

  • Russia,
  • Japanese,
  • France,
  • Slovakia,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Romania.

We are working on the domestic market or for export, multinational companies present in Hungary (Tesco, Auchan, Metro etc.) beszállítunk, all bulk products, half-, quarters cattle, both called “gastro” presentations (divided into izomcsoportokra vacuum), all gas,
habtálcás, Cook, sliced, cut products. We are famous for our quality aged beef (Taste and tradition) the University of Kaposvár, Corával and together we worked out.

I would emphasize the Hungarian spotted aged products, and grey beef, mangalica, Hungarian Merino sheep is cut on a daily basis in the demanding markets.

Our products are 3 You can also sell your húsboltunkban, of course, adding wing, smoked, Delicatessen products. Can we run a Lacikonyhát, which is called Lachús Mintaboltunkkal in one space and is located in the old Hungarian cuisine ranging from modern cuisine we offer everything. Our Hungarian Lac-Meat Restaurant We offer only quality domestic ingredients ala carte dishes, suitable for events.

The Gasztro Angel at presents:

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Annual report LACHÚS Ltd 2018